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Ravello Reed Diffuser - Case of 4

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Our Ravello Reed Diffusers Reed Diffuser will add a constant gentle sensual perfume to your home

Our reed diffusers are a 100% oil formula with silk fibre reeds and last for an incredible 9 months on average!

  • Case of 4
  • RRP £24.99 + per unit

Ravello with breathe the forest & sea air of the Amalfi Coast into your home with this powerful blend of sandalwood, sweet musk, vetiver and orris.

Combined together this in house blend creates a wonderful clean yet musky cologne that scream luxury and is a great choice if you like a clean finish on a scent but like something more sophisticated and non-floral

Each Reed Diffuser is boxed with black silk fibre reeds and holds 100ml of our unique diffuser oil that smells stronger and lasts longer than any rivals.