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Pomelo Wax Melt Hearts - Case of 6 Jars

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Beautiful glass jars of 15 soy wax hearts scented with the sweet sparkling scent of Pomelo

Case of 6
Unit price £4.99 + VAT
RRP £9.99 + per unit

It's almost impossible to describe just how lovely our Pomelo scent is!! Blending sparking champagne with pink pomelo, sweet grapefruit, vanilla, Sicilian orange and a musky base this is a stunning scent that will fill your home with a beautiful fragrance.

All dressed up in this cute glass jar and stain bow that is a lovely little treat for the home or gift for someone special!

Each jar contains 15 pure soy wax melts - each melt will burn for c16 - 24 hours depending on your type of burner due to our unique blend.

*Sells well as a gift and home product.

Wax Melt / Wax Burning Safety

  • Please make sure you remove all packaging before placing the wax melt into the well of your wax burner.
  • Use with an unscented tealight (we recommend soy tealights for a toxin free experience).
  • Keep out of the way of children, pets and draughts. 
  • Never move a wax burner while lit.
  • Never leave a burning candle or active burner while lit


  • Use un an electric burner or tealight burner
  • If using a tealight burner use 4 hour tealights only
  • Use 2 - 3 hearts depending on the size of your dish
  • You can melt and re-melt as many times as you like until the scent fades
  • The smaller the wax burner the faster the fragrance will wear off as they heat at a higher temp and more rapidly