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Fresco Silver Metallic Candle - Case of 4

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Our shimmery silver metallic candles cast pretty flickering light in any space while also releasing beautiful soft scent that enhances the environment.

Fresco adds a bright, fresh and invigorating ambiance to your home

RRP £24.99 + per unit

Scent Profile
Fresco is a bright and breezy blend of sun bleached oak, white sage and rock salt that recreates the joyful uplifting fun of exploring pretty rockpools on a deserted beach - with the sun on your face and the sea breeze carrying salt spray in the air.

Filled with 250g of creamy 100% organic soy wax and scented with our inhouse blend of essential oils and perfume oils, this candle provides 40 - 60 hours of fragrance if care advice is followed.