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Bellissimo Fragrance Oil - Case of 6

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Our concentrated fragrance oils can be used with both tealight and electric warmers and Ultrasonic Mist Diffusers

Holding over 250 drops of concentrated fragrance oil just 2-3 drops will fragrance your customers homes for 6-8 hours for just 2p per hour

Sold in cases of 6
RRP £9.99 + per unit

Imagine a beautiful luxury hotel room in Italy, with soft fresh linens, freshly cut white flowers with crisp white voiles billowing at an open window carrying in the cool fresh breeze

Our best-selling inhouse blend combines rose and jasmine and velvety clean oak moss and vetiver for an elegant yet powerful clean perfume that is the favourite of our hinching community of #LussoLovellies.

Each 10ml bottle holds approx c250 drops of oil - enough for 400+ hours of fragrance