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Bel Padre Donatella Reed Diffuser - Case of 4

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Our stunning Donatella Reed Diffusers are not just a form of fragrance they are an interior design piece that makes a statement too - Available in White, Silver or Black each diffusers is boxes with a tassle and fibre reeds for optimal scent throw.

Our reed diffusers are a 100% oil formula with silk fibre reeds and last for an incredible 9 months on average!

  • Case of 4
  • RRP £49.99 + per unit

Bel Padre is a dusky fusion of tobacco blossom, tonka, vanilla beans and cacao. A soft, warm, spicy and woody blend popular for it’s comforting aroma. Named Bel Padre (handsome father) this scent makes you feel warm, safe and happy like cosy cashmere hugs with Papa.

Each Reed Diffuser is boxed with black silk fibre reeds and holds 200ml of our unique diffuser oil that smells stronger and lasts longer than any rivals.