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Bambino White Gloss Candle - Case of 4

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Our beautiful white gloss candles are available with or without silver lids and come boxed with ribbon.

Bambino is a best selling scent loved for it's clean, warm and nostalgic notes

RRP £21.99 + without lid / £24.99 + With lid

Scent Profile
Bambino is a soft and soothing nostalgic perfume of rosewood, bergamot, jasmine, ylang ylang, lavender and roman chamomile blended gently to recreate the scent of baby soft skin, clean fluffy towels and silky baby powder 

Filled with 250g of creamy 100% organic soy wax and scented with our inhouse blend of essential oils and perfume oils, this candle provides 40 - 60 hours of fragrance if care advice is followed.