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Ambra Silver Metallic Candle - Case of 4

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Our stunning silver metallic candles are beautiful sources of both fragrance and cosy light that cast a flickering glow in the home and can be repurposed after use.

Ambra is a sophisticated cologne that instantly lifts the ambiance of your home

RRP £24.99 + per unit

Scent Profile
Ambra is a strikingly luxurious and sophisticated scent that marries aromatic amber woods and soft musk with bright rich notes of pomegranate and cherries for a dazzling perfume that also clams with it's soft marine undertones from the lovely waterlily. 

Filled with 250g of creamy 100% organic soy wax and scented with our inhouse blend of essential oils and perfume oils, this candle provides 40 - 60 hours of fragrance if care advice is followed.