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Your branding / Our products

Our whitelabel service allows us to manufacture products as your brand. This means you specify the look and feel and scent, we manufacture and label the products for you and deliver to your dispatch centre or location.

With options to whitelabel our existing line or use our Platinum White Label service to develop your own scent and packaging options, we can create your own line of products within just a few weeks.

A completely done for you own brand product creation service allowing you to set your own retail pricing strategy.

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  • Our existing line / Your brand


    Choose any products from our existing range of products and we will simply finish the product labels and safety labels in your brand. This is the fastest and most economical way to get started with WhiteLabel and products can be created and shipped within 3 - 7 days on average depending on size of order.

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  • Adapted Packaging / Your brand

    We use our existing aroma library to create your products but perhaps change the product containers and packaging ie gold containers, pink gloss candles etc The options are endless but are calculated based on your required. Turnaround is usually 2-4 weeks from order depending on packaging options and size of order

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  • Bespoke Scent & Packaging

    We work with you to develop your own scent options, bespoke product packaging and produce products for you with your labelling. This allows you to create a totally bespoke product and your own pricing structure. We can create batches on regular monthly or quarterly basis or manage one of projects.

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Silver Package White Label Example

A beauty salon wanted to celerate their birthday with free gift candles for their customers - we created 1000 silver tin candles in one our existing scents and simply applied their own branding to our compliant labeling templates

Result: Within one week the candles were made and delivered fully labelled - all the client had to do was supply their logo and colours and choose the scent.

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Gold White Label Example

A high profile hotel chain wished to create own brand candles & fragrance oils to create an enhanced vistor experience. Their Customer Experience Director visited our showroom to choose scents and options and supplied us with their logo and colour scheme - we created 2000 small candles and 6000 fragrance oils within 10 days

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Platinum White Label Example

A celebrity TV star and social medial influencer wanted to create her own candle & diffuser line - we worked with her to find 3 scents she loved and incorprate 3 humourous slogans she was known for into the design of each product - 3 colour schemes, slogans and scents, 2 product types and 5000 product units made and delivered within 4 weeks

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Just want to collaborate?

Maybe you don't have a website or ability to process sales online, maybe you don't have storage options for stock. We have options to make a product for you and host sales via our website, offering a complete sale and dispatch option and a profit share scheme instead of stock purchase option - this is a solution we have developed for influencers, celebrities and charities. We make the product for you, host a sales page, process the payments, dispatch the products and pay out a month profit share as agreed.

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